Working Load Limits (WLL)

The Working Load Limits (WLL) listed in the tables below are the maximum weights which slings are designed to sustain in general listing service, according to the standard uniform load method of rating. In exceptionally hazardous conditions, or in any other circumstances which might indicate a need for a WLL lower than the designed figure, the degree of hazard should be assesed by a competent person and the working load limit adjusted accordingly.

The WLL, which should be marked on the sling itself or on a securely fixed metal tag, must not be exceeded in any circumstances.


WLL in Tonnes, Grade 10 GrabiQ

Table for Working Load Limits (WLL) in Tonnes, Grade 10, GrabiQ

WLL in Tonnes, Grade 8 Classic

Table of WLL in Tonnes, Grade 8 Classic

Webbing Slings and Round Slings

Webbing Slings and Round slings Work Load Limits table

Wire Rope Slings

Wire Rope Slings - Working Load Limits Table

Based on 1960 Tensile Grade 6X19 or 6X36 construction and having ferrule secured eye terminations.