Lifting Equipment Testing, Certification & Repairs in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex & London.

Most building sites will have 5 or 6 companies working on the site during the ground work stage, all of which will have 100’s of bits of lifting equipment, which by law needs to have a 6 monthly LOLER inspection.

As the site develops you can have as many as 20-30 companies working on site all with their various tools and lifting equipment. As you can see with this amount of kit on site how easy it would be for something to be overlooked.
That’s why accurate record keeping is essential and where we come in. Test & Tag Ltd offer on-site testing of lifting equipment, maintain regular testing, repairs and certification for the equipment.

Lifting Equipment Testing.

Test & Tag Ltd trained engineers offer testing for lifting equipment to meet LOLER requirements – both on and off site.

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 or (LOLER) which requires that any lifting equipment used or provided in a working environment must be:

Generally, the Regulations require that lifting equipment provided for use at work is:

  • strong and stable enough for the particular use and marked to indicate safe working loads;
  • positioned and installed to minimise any risks;
  • used safely, ie the work is planned, organised and performed by competent people; and
  • subject to ongoing thorough examination and, where appropriate, inspection by competent people.

Our job is to ensure that you & your equipment meet these requirements, while allowing you to continue with the least possible disruption to your business. We aim where possible to work with you to keep intrusions to a minimum whilst providing thorough & effectual examinations.

Lifting Equipment Compliance Certificate Management

After Test & Tag Ltd have tested your equipment we will send out both a hard copy and pdf of your certificate, in case you need to print of additional copies.

We also offer on-going certificate management where we also track your future re-test dates for your equipment, thereby freeing you up to do your job. each piece of equipment has a set time period for regular testing depending on the equipment (generally 3, 6 or 12 months). So allow us to stay on top of your testing schedule and contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Lifting Equipment Repairs

At Test & Tag Ltd we know that you need your tools to do your job. And when there’s a problem with your tools you need assistance asap. So when something happens to your lifting equipment; chains are stretched, hooks get bent or seals are broken you need someone on hand. We can carry out on or off site repairs on behalf of our customers around the South of England including London, Hampshire, Surrey & Sussex.

All items are then inspected by one of our engineers who will provide you with a cost estimate before proceeding with any repairs. Alternatively, where an item is found to be ‘BER’ (beyond economical repair) we can provide you with a price for a suitable replacement.